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    Let's be honest - HyperOS is a *MESS*

    I'm well aware that it's an Android security feature. It was originally introduced (I think, from memory) in Android 12. However, *every other* manufacturer I've used, including others offering brand new Android 14 based phones, offer a way to either turn off or permanently hide this option so...
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    Let's be honest - HyperOS is a *MESS*

    I've had Xiaomi devices for years now, along with Oppo and Vivo devices. I've now got a 13 Ultra and 14 Ultra, and I've got to be honest - the 14 Ultra is being returned to the retailer. Why??? HyperOS is simply a mess! It's removed a bunch of features that were in Miui 13 & 14 and has resulted...
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    Stay on MiUI 14 or change to HyperOS 1.0

    Do NOT update to HyperOS - there's *far* too many bugs in it
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    Invalid Some notifications bar and status bar customizations are missing after HyperOS update

    That's not really helpful. How are we meant to be able to revert to our previous preferred settings? (this impacts number of notifications shown and also the IN-ability to turn off some "privileged app access notifications"
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    MIUI14 for 12S Ultra, Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, Edge, don't work

    Doesn't work when using "Company Portal" to protect / manage the phone either, so it is an issue with the app running under different permissions, even if there's not actually a seperate work profile set up. (removing Company portal makes the apps launch again, but obviously if your company data...