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    Updater problem

    I had that issue on the last release of MIUI on my Nexus S. Also, I'm running the latest version of CWMR and Rom Manager, and after downloading the weekly update it never installs correctly... It always errors out, and I have to install the update via CWM manually. This has been happening...
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    Canadian phone numbers reporting as US

    I noticed that there is often "US" displayed at the end of phone numbers on MIUI, however I'm in Canada, and most of the people I talk to are as well. Just wondering why it says Canadian numbers are from the US.
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    1.9.23: USB Tethering not working

    USB tethering works fine on my nexus s. Wifi hotspot seemed to enable as well but I didn't try connecting to it.
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    Market doesn't open on 1.9.16!!!

    Works fine for me on my Nexus S. Might try reloading the ROM and see if it resolves itself.