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    Xiaomi 14, stable Xiaomi.EU ROM, adb command `grant permissions`

    In Xiaomi phones, it's not as easy as just enabling USB debugging, you need to give it permissions too. See the screenshot below.
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    The device Isn't Play Protect Certified

    My Xiaomi 12T also stopped passing device integrity, I believe the XiaomiModule app needs an update. Edit: It has been updated:
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    Play Integrity module auto update

    Ok thanks a lot!
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    Play Integrity module auto update

    Is there a way that I can get notified when there's a new update to XiaomiEUModule.apk?
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    Play Integrity module auto update

    Can someone tell me how's play integrity module updates itself, if it does at all? I'd like to know how because it could help me determine why it doesn't if it's supposed to. Xiaomi 12T rooted with KernelSU, passes device in play integrity with only the module, as long as...