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    Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    Hello everyone! I am trying to make it works in a Xiaomi 12 Lite (Taoyao). I have install TWRP, a clean installation of stable ROM (V14.0.8.0.TLIMIXM_v14-13), Magisk v27 and then the module PlayIntegrityFix v15.9.7 following this topic but Integrity check is failed. Any idea? Thanks!
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    Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    Thank you, How could fix this problem in my Mi9T? Is it possible?
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    Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    Hello every one, I have an old MI9T with the last weekly version available (HMK20MI9T_21.11.24_v12-11). Some month ago wallet stopped working. Have I follow this tutorial to solve the problem or it is only for newer versions? Which does the best way to fix it in my phone? Thank you
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    MIssing in-app icons Mi9T

    I have the same problem after updating to 20.10.30
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    Resolved Missing icons in 20.10.30, MI 9T

    I have the same problem in my Mi9T after updating to 20.10.30. Before this update the icons were shown fine.
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    V9.10.10 Weekly Vs V11.0.2.0 Stable

    Hi there! I am a Mi5S owner and I am using the last weekly version for it (9.10.10). There are no more updates for Mi5s in Weekly version, so I am asking myself which are the differences between this version and Stable version. I have seen V11.0.2 stable is newer but I do not know is...