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    Hello, i accidently set wrong resolution and restarted phone and now when i try bootup its just bootup to homescreen but nothing works and doesnt show time and other stuff i tried do something with adb but need to enter password to device and i cant enter it i dont have installed twrp or rooted...
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    New hyperos bugs

    after updating to hyper, game started running on 70-90 fps but was 121 before update
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    New hyperos bugs

    4. app icons bugging
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    New hyperos bugs

    1. when i open recents my phone fps drops down to 30-80 from 120 2. when i lock screen and try holding time widget to edit it shows text "Opening lock screen editor" and all just crashes and i get back to lockscreen 3. i have disabled/turned off animation but on recents it doesn't give effect...