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    HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

    I'm about to install the EU rom instead of the global HyperOS rom (1.0.4.UMCEUXM) I have on my Xiaomi 13 now. Do I need to format data for that as well?
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    Couple of problems with new Xiaomi 13

    Yes I recently got the update to HyperOS, but it didn't solve the main problems for me either. I just now notice there's an update to 1.0.4.UMCEUXM, but according to the information, it's only a the Android Security Patch update, so I doubt that will solve it. Another issue I...
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    Couple of problems with new Xiaomi 13

    I recently got a Xiaomi 13 smartphone, which is my first Xiaomi phone. Now I got a couple of problems: - For some reason, when I want to use the Android back button in the Facebook app, it leads me to my call settings. Which is weird to me, I don't know why it's doing that - I have a AAWireless...