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    Downgrading from stock China 13.0.13 to rom 12.5.9

    Two days ago, I made the same mistake when installing a CN-RON with Miflash Tool. I forgot to turn off the option "clean all and lock". After completing the basic settings on the phone, I signed in my Xiaomi account and without a problem performed unlocking bootloader.
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    New Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra screen problem

    To answer myself: On Sunday, I installed CN-ROM "Star_images_v14.0.11.0.kacnxm_20230914.000000_13.0_CN_5F8DF47D55" using "Miflashtool" to the phone. In doing so, the phone was completely wiped. The state of display remained the same, it is still equal pale and illegible in daylight. I am sure...
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    New Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra screen problem

    A month ago I bought Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - Chinese version (8/256 GB). Eleven days ago, I unlocked Bootload, installed TWRP and installed ROM "Xiaomi.EU_MULTI_MULTI_MI11114.0.11.0.kacnxm_v14-13". After three days the screen suddenly became pale, the screen brightness has fallen vigorously. In...