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  1. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12TPro 1.0.4

    fixed with updated version
  2. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12TPro 1.0.4

    After update, no sms notification
  3. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12tPro HyperOS 1.0.3

    Second problem, not allways problem with location services and google maps
  4. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12tPro HyperOS 1.0.3

    update is copy on user partition.same like google services, master in readonly part, update in user part. Mobile is rooted.
  5. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12tPro HyperOS 1.0.3

    After update, google play store notify there is an update for cleaner and update allways fail. Everything else working without problems. Rooted with magisk 27, last version od Lposed and Google play integrity fix. Pass integrity basic without problem.
  6. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12T Pro (DITING) & HyperOs

    Twrp is for recovery. version
  7. hogarstrasni

    New Bug on Xiaomi 12T Pro HyperOS Security App

    Its working on stable 1.0.2 and 1.0.3
  8. hogarstrasni

    New Xiaomi 12T Pro Diting HyperOS Stable problem

    Everything working. on 1.0.2 and 1.0.3
  9. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12T Pro HyperOS OS1.0.2.0.ULFCNXM stable

    I update froum miui14 xiaomi eurom, with no formating data in linux terminal. Everything works except i cannot activate i messaging which i dont use. Also intalled magisk but start with Fastboot boot magiskpatched.img And then from magisk install directly In magisk use lpsed and play integrity...
  10. hogarstrasni

    Magisk on HyperOS Xiaomi 12pro

    I update from linux terminal, basicaly batch file on windows
  11. hogarstrasni

    Xiaomi 12T Pro (DITING) & HyperOs

    I directly upgrade from miui 14.x to hyperos in linux. No problems for now
  12. hogarstrasni


    Also no problem on HyperOS 1.02
  13. hogarstrasni

    Magisk on HyperOS Xiaomi 12pro

    Update before 3 hours, no problem at all. using last magisk, play integrity fix and lposed. no bootloop at all
  14. hogarstrasni


    normal on miui 14.0.11 last from december 3, 2023
  15. hogarstrasni

    12T pro chrome copy menu is not active

    Another bug. After update, automated task doesnt work or work partitaly. Solution is to delete old task and recreate new task. All other thing work perfectly for now. Big thanks to developers.
  16. hogarstrasni

    [SOLVED] Call recording not working

    I cannot give permission. It going in circle. I provide it but its not remembered on MIUI 14
  17. hogarstrasni

    MIUI 14

    Does any succesfully replace Google play in System partition with lower version without bootloop
  18. hogarstrasni

    Bug Notifcation MIUI 14

    does anybody replaced google play store in system part on miui 14. Every time I doit, phone goes in loop after 15 seconds
  19. hogarstrasni

    Miui 12.5.6 update (9 Nov)

    Call recording work normaly. I tested today