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    Mi Band is compatible with our Redmi 1S

    Where did you buy/order your MiBand?
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    Restore stock firmware and lost IMEI/Baseband by SPFlash tool

    Did you try connecting the phone with removed battery? Tapatalked from a ZTE v5
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    [ROM] v33 - Changelog ?

    After reinstalling the framework and after enabling any modules yes Tapatalked from a ZTE v5
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    [ROM] v33 - Changelog ?

    After updating the rom did you reinstall the framework? Tapatalked from a ZTE v5
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    [ROM] v33 - Changelog ?

    For me it was ok on v29 and on v31 as well as now on v33 too Tapatalked from a ZTE v5 Edit: works on 34.0.0. as well
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    [ROM] v33 - Changelog ?

    I found so far only this information, in Chinese: translated with google translate: System · Repair micro-channel video chat upstream silent problem
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    [ROMs] Redmi 1S WCDMA/CDMA Stable Version JHCCNBF31.0

    Already installed multi. No visible changes, better antutu result as earlier (x 5 version)
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    Redmi 1S engineer menu translated to english?

    System set to hungarian (multilang 24.0.0) and menu is hungarian except for point 3-4-5 which are still chinese
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    Phone receiving an error whilst booting up: root permission is disabled in miui stable version

    Is is not so comlicated. Your son most probably installed an application which requires root permissions which you do not have on your phone (like system admisnistrator rights on windows) and you become therefore the warning. I suppose except for the warning you can use your phone normally...
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    Redmi 1 or Redmi 1S

    Have actually both types Redmi 1S pro: - general speed and smoothness - bigger storage place - far better (quicker and stabler) GPS connection (Redmi is good enough as well) Redmi 1S con: - battery life (for me approximately 30% less than Redmi) - custom recoveries are not 100% working yet -...
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    Hongmi WCDMA cache partition wiping duration

    made my last wipe cache and wipe dalvik the day before yesterday. Wiping took approximately (both together) 5 seconds
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    How To Flash Rom With TWRP

    If First step: make a backup from twrp (boot-system-data-nvram) Next: if you are in TWRP then choose wipe/advanced/wipe cache and dalvik cache only. After that choose install, select your downloaded rom and flash it You are good to go
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    Xiaomi HongMi (Red Rice) without UPDADER APP

    If you can boot into standard recovery, than: 1. download the rom you need to update 2. rename it to 3. copy it to your phone 4. boot to recovery 5. select install Before backup
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    Hongmi 1S

    Could you plesase provide a noob-proof how-to step-by-step description about it?
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    I need help with my Hongmi for international use

    Did you enable data roaming under settings? Tapatalked from an Onda v819 3G tablet
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    I need help with my Hongmi for international use

    Only one slot is able to handle 3G, was your AT&T card in slot 1?
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    Xiaomi MiKey - 3.5mm dust-plug with added functionality

    you will find it here
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    Xiaomi Mikey App 3.0.1

    great product, already have one
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    I am going to write Tapatalked from an Onda v819 3G tablet
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    On Aliexpress or at for example (Just ordered from spemall but not yet received - I hope it will be original)