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    Mi3 MHL

    After googling and looking around i still cant find a straight answer. Will the mi3 work with a mhl (microusb to hdmi) adapter. Regards
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    Need Source Code for Mi3

    The whole vantagepoint for Xiaomi is to have Miui on theire phones. They barely make any money on the phone itself. It's miui that drags in the cash with the music service, download, theme shop etc. If get CM on the phone a lot of revenue will get lost from Xiaomi and they might have to raise...
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    Xiaomi Mikey App 3.0.1

    I read some of the other translations and took a median of what they said. Here's the Swedish version:
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    Xiaomi Mikey App 3.0.1

    Made a swedish translation for you but the one and only line i can't translate is: "The ability to feel the implementation of the functions are not repeated to give vibration feedback The feedback function can not be delivered, such as "flash shot", "Mute" is through the vibration Feedback...
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    MULTI 4.4.25

    When i first installed MIUI from this site i used CWM for the initial install since i did a format on /system1. Seems like applying updates after system is installed with CWM is a no-go then
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    MULTI 4.4.25

    WARNING! Trying to install this update via CWM on my Mi3-WCDMA it's been stuck doing nothing for 20 minutes now... Had to do a hardreboot and now the system is bust and the phone wont start -_- Update: Solved it by getting a fastboot image and reflashing the phone with 4.4.25 update then use...
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    CE Certificate for Mi3 You will most likely NOT find this for the Xiaomi MI3 since it's targeted for the Asian market. CE Marking costs money and requires alot from the manufacturer. If customs require you to supply this i recomend you to forge your own CE papper and send it...
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    MI3 64gb cpu 8974 or 8274 ?

    Acording to cpu-z i have a snapdragon 801 in my Mi3w 64gb fresh from China. (8974 CPU) NVM i spoke to soon. 8274AB acording to AnTuTu