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  1. J

    Rotation effect

    +1 ... didnt some older android phones have this? its an option in spare parts for 1.6 version.... either way it would definitely jazz it up
  2. J

    [MIUI 1.3.5] Wallpaper Scroll Disable/Enable Mod

    No chance this will work on 1.4.1? Edit : it works on 1.4.1 for the incredible Awesome work. Thanks! Sent from my ADR6300 using the Forums App
  3. J

    Viewsonic gTablet?

    well i guess there just isnt landscape support so its hard to judge it. it wouldnt hurt to see MIUI on it but it'd need to be modded... Looks like CM7 is getting some good stuff added for tablet support so that can only mean good things.
  4. J

    Viewsonic gTablet?

    Is MIUI really tablet material? I mean i love it but... what's the point?
  5. J

    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    good question... the overscroll isnt a deal breaker but it's definitely a nicer feature than the glow thing that GB does. the screen off animation might be a fair trade off regardless
  6. J

    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    hopefully this is implemented into the next rom. It's a great app but a wonky way to install. and lke others have stated, it'd be nice to have ALL cities available in the US instead of states x - y Not knocking the app at all though! great work as expected ... MIUI is sick
  7. J

    Port to Nook Color

    Oh daddy. I hope this gets some movement. Cm7 on my incredible got wiped for MIUI ... it'll happen to my nook too if this becomes stable Sent from my HTC Incredible using the Forums App