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    Crackling Sound from speaker on mi 11 ultra

    Hey. Yes I found the solution but wasn't able to get it because there were no skilled technicians in my city. The solution is reballing the CPU. It's not an expensive process. Maybe maximum 100 euros but it's a risky process. If the shop doesn't have enough experience and good reviews, they can...
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    Crazy lens flare in night photos 13Ultra

    All ok you mean, your camera doesn't have this issue or it's present in every phone?
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    Crazy lens flare in night photos 13Ultra

    Hey guys. I am experiencing crazy lens flares in nights photos with direct lights, like cars in night or Street lights out even building lights. I am adding samples. Can anyone tell me if it's just my device or everyone?
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    13 Ultra - No Mi Dialer/ Contact / Messages on MIUI GLOBAL 14.0.2

    I got new 13 U global from Hong Kong and it has Google dialer and contacts, I want to replace it with original Xiaomi Dialer and Contacts. Bootloader is not unlocked.
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    Mi 13 Ultra heating issues.

    I am planning to buy one and I am already seeing and reading poor thermal performance on this model. Reaching 50 to 60 degrees during charging, 4k recording or gaming. Anyone has experienced this? Because 11ultra has same issue and it's SOC was literally getting desoldered. Which is what...
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    Mi 13 U vs other phones on DXO Mark

    Hey guys. I love this phone. But I have Mi 11 ultra (with non functional speakers SOC melting issue) and I wanna change to this. But the DXO mark ranking is stopping me. It's lower than even this phone. Anyone has hands on with 13U and other flasghip? Please tell me your review. What you like...
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    Mi 11 melting motherboard on Mi 13?

    Hey guys. I am in Mi 11 Ultra and unfortunately because the victim of melting solder of my SoC that made my speakers worthless. It's a known issue on Mi11 series. I want to move to Mi13. Anyone has any info if there was any problems with mi12 or can potentially come in mi 13? I assume if chips...
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    Crackling Sound from speaker on mi 11 ultra

    I have been using Mi 11 ultra for last 3 years and never had this problem. A few weeks ago, my phone stopped making any sound. No videos, No notifications. I restarted it and was fixed. It happened a couple of times. Then started the crackling. This morning, I woke up, and every notification...
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    MIUI 14 23.5.8

    anyone installed on MI 11 Ultra or Pro? how did it go? any issues? i am in stable and planning to move here. Please share your experience on current version. Much appriciated. Thanks
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    MIUI 14 23.2.27/2.28/3.6

    I always use virtual reality calibration to make it work.
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    What is allowed to Wipe from TWRP menu?

    Hey guys. In TWRP MENUS, on format page, you can wipe/erase a bunch of stuff like Devlink, data etc. I just want to know what can you wipe without loosing internal data and OS? I am just wondering if the phone holds on to residual data from previous Roms which can be cleaned.
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    Mi 11 Ultra Google Wallet Not Working!!! Helppp!!!

    Hey guys. I am on weekly Dev Beta. My NFC secure element position is on HCE wallet. My Google wallet is not able to pay. Cards are added successfully. NFC turns on fine. When I tap the phone on the payment machine, the payment fails and the phone shows "Add to Wallet" page, as if...
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    Lost wallpaper after upgrade to MIUI 13

    Do you mean this wallpaper? If yes, then you need to install Snowy Peaks Super Wallpaper app by Xiaomi to get it.
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    Help with TWRP install on Mi 11 Ultra Android 12

    i am in blue. Fastbootd. How to boot into orange one?
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    Help with TWRP install on Mi 11 Ultra Android 12

    I started installing TWRP from TWRP.ME for Mi 11 Ultra and used code "fastboot boot twrp.img" it give me this result, fastboot boot twrp.img downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY [ 4.421s] booting... FAILED (remote: Unrecognized command boot) finished. total time: 4.421s TWRP is renamed and wire and...
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    Flash help please for Mi 11 Ultra from A11 to A12 for noob.

    Thank you so much for the reply. Your command for fastboot update, does it preserve data? Or erases everything? And what is the possibility of a brick if I move from that old A11 to this new A12? Or should I flash previous A12 and then update to latest A12?
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    Flash help please for Mi 11 Ultra from A11 to A12 for noob.

    Hey guys. I haven't been on this website for so long and missed all the weekly A12 updates. I am still on A11 MIUI 12.6 | 21.9.1 weekly. Now I read that A12 does not support TWRP and had tons of bug. My question is: 1. Should I even upgrade from A11 to A12? Because my current ROM is pretty...
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    Data transfer with 67w charging cable? + Charging Animation?

    Thanks for the answer and support. I have no idea why this guy is acting like this... Anyway, the cable was faulty. The seller changed the charging pack. I wasn't sure about the data transferring capabilities because china version doesn't come with a charger and cable. It comes separately for...