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    Release MIUI ROM 2.5.18 ROMS

    ...The stalking begins.
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    New SGS2 2.5.4 BUGS

    Which lockscreen are you using? Is it a custom one?
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    New ICS 2.4.27 bugs

    I have the same problem. Also tried unsyncing the gmail calendar as hazmah said,, but it still FC.
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    New SG-SII music player bug

    2.4.21 has a fix for the crash. It's already released, just not on this community quite yet. It'll come.
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    In Progress [SGS2][2.4.20] Play Music, the screen fade to black, and then reboot

    I'll be happy to let you all know that on 2.4.21, the music FC bug is fixed. The alarm white writing on white background tabs are still there though.
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    Music player not finding flac files?

    Same problem here. Actually, sometimes it does.. very random to me though. Furthermore, music isn't found from my external SD card.. Solutions would be appreciated.
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    New SGS2 2.4.13 SMS "Sending"

    Whenever I send a text, it says "Sending" beside my text for an extended period of time, even though it's already been sent (tested with another phone beside mine). Minor issue, or it's just me.. Only been happening after my upgrade from 2.4.6 to 2.4.13.
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    CWM on MIUI

    Forgive me for being a newb, but where'd CWM go after installing MIUI?