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  1. jopis8


    No, in version before was same bug, but i had it shortly, so didn't bother, now i'm using 2.8.31 as daily driver and this bug is annoying because when i'm at home my mobile is on wlan all time, and i don't wanna have broadcasted ssid....
  2. jopis8


    Hi! I've installed 2.8.31. + miui black android theme, and for now (one day), everything works fine, except one weird and annoying bug. I have protected wi-fi at home and with SSID broadcast disabled. When i enter correct name, SSID, and correct wi-fi password, my phone recognized it, but after...
  3. jopis8

    MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Release [ICS & JB]

    Hi all! I have a bug on my device. Installed today latest rom - 2.8.24, on my evo 3d gsm, everything worked ok, untill i came home. My wifi doesnt work if ssid broadcast is off. I have to hide it, dont ask why. If i turn on ssid broadcast, wi fi works. Can you tell me where the bug in rom is? In...