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  1. damnsaif


    1. Can anyone please share Orangefox for Mi10T (Apollo)..? I'm on 2. Is the Dual Wi-Fi feature (within Wi-Fi settings) disabled in this version? Or am I mistaken somehow... It was enabled in the last version. 3. How much Ram extension should I use..? 2/3/5 GB for a smooth experience...
  2. damnsaif

    Can i install with orangefox instead of twrp on mi10t pro?

    Could you kindly share the Orangefox file please... or share any link so, I can get it.. Thank you in advance.
  3. damnsaif

    MIUI 13 22.1.19/22 After seeing this, I remain hopeful...
  4. damnsaif

    MIUI 13 22.1.19/22

    Anyone knows any news for Mi6 (Sagit)..?
  5. damnsaif


    Anyone knows any news for Mi6 (Sagit)..?
  6. damnsaif

    miui 9.6 by 8.4.4 --> miui 11

    My bad. you are correct. Its 20.6.18.
  7. damnsaif

    miui 9.6 by 8.4.4 --> miui 11

    20.6.18 is fantastic and has been for a very long time. Though we remain hopeful - the devs will release something... someday... It would be better - 1. Make a full backup and save it in your PC/Laptop. 2. Wipe everything and Erase Data (Yes) and than flash 20.6.18. 3. After the 1st Boot and...
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    Magisk Problem

    Thank you so much.
  9. damnsaif

    Magisk Problem

    Hello there. Can anyone share which Magisk version to install for I've tried Stable 21.0. But, it failed. Thank you in advance for your patience.
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    [SOLVED] How to install rom on xiaomi redmi note 10 (mojito / Sunny) for the first time?

    Take a look here -
  11. damnsaif


    Which Magisk version to be used for Mi6 Stable version...?
  12. damnsaif

    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    Facing any issues in MI6...?
  13. damnsaif

    MIUI 10 9.5.23

    No fingerprint or Face unlock issue..?
  14. damnsaif

    MIUI 10 9.5.23

    Didn't check the time. LMAO. Thanks buddy.
  15. damnsaif

    MIUI 10 9.5.23

    Which device?
  16. damnsaif

    MIUI 10 9.5.23

    How's battery..?
  17. damnsaif

    Echo and dark mode "settings" menu!

    It is in Developer Settings. Called 'Night Mode'
  18. damnsaif


    Why "Bad"? What are the problems..?
  19. damnsaif

    Issues in Build 8.11.15

    I am unable to register a new password. It's not that I'm giving the wrong one.
  20. damnsaif

    Issues in Build 8.11.15

    Hi there, As a newbie, I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the team who are working really hard to bring us these phenomenal Roms. I'm using 8.11.15 in my Mi6 (6/64 Black). The section .... under in not working. Whenever I try to register, it's stuck. It won't even allow me take...