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  1. dasklney

    Can't activate Mi Message or Call history sync

    It's very long time since I use a Xiaomi device. I still got Call log and Message on Mi account. But I tried a lot of things I found on the internet, but still unable to activate Mi message. - Clear cache Sim activation service. - Change SMSC number. - My phone language is English of course...
  2. dasklney


    1. You must set up default SMS app to Google Messages. 2. Go to option and enable Gesture.
  3. dasklney

    MIUI 10 9.8.22

    That's sad, I was refreshing to 9.8.29 folder the whole morning :D I'm kind of a flasher addiction :D
  4. dasklney

    MIUI 10 9.7.4

    I got the same problem, and reverted to previous build :D
  5. dasklney

    MIUI 10 9.5.9

    Would you please check the camera? I got crashed when use 2x zoom, Camera hanged and crashed everytime I tried. Beside, I see that the faceunlock seems not much reliable.
  6. dasklney

    MIUI 10 8.7.26

    Yes I understand that I need to wait, I just reported that after flash this rom, my phone can boot well without issue :D
  7. dasklney

    MIUI 10 8.7.26

    I updated, waiting it to boot, it's on MI logo screen and booting :D
  8. dasklney

    MULTI 6.11.10

    That's great, you have fixed fingerprint issue which is mentioned at MIUI China release log?
  9. dasklney

    MULTI 6.9.8/9

    Hello there, thank you very much for you great rom. I'm using your rom for daily usage. I've just checked on MIUI download page and it seems they have released MIUI 8 6.9.9 MM for Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm China. Would you please take a look at it?
  10. dasklney

    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Just dirty flash over 6.6.17 and everything works fine (I mostly use Opera Mini over WIFI, and phone call, SMS... this is my everything!). Thank you for making a great rom :D