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  1. Kugumin

    HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

    Does anybody know why Xiaomi won't update Poco F5? They pretty much updated every region except CN Stable, so neither EU team can provide us an update too
  2. Kugumin

    The photo album cannot be used for Xiaomi cloud services?

    Syncing gallery to Xiaomi Cloud was terminated, isn't it?
  3. Kugumin

    Resolved 20.12.28 Mi9 NFC payments not working

    Same on Mi 9T Pro. It doesn't work here. Probably blobs are broken
  4. Kugumin

    [20.12.9] Speed Decreases Alot when a Bluetooth device is connected .

    It's a nature of BT, it uses same 2.4 GHz as WiFi. Your should use 5 GHz WiFi or not to use anything of it, not bluetooth, nor WiFi
  5. Kugumin

    mi9 unlock bootloader

    Unlocking BL doesn't void warranty, neither installing EU ROMs
  6. Kugumin

    Eu rom Camera performance

    Not true at all
  7. Kugumin

    RN5 beta Global to rom

    1. You can, but better not to do it. Clean flash EU ROM, otherwise you can get much problems 2. No, mostly EU ROMs based on China ROMs (except Poco for example), so they won't stop
  8. Kugumin

    redmi note 7-camera 48mpx & Snapdragon 660

    SDM660 does support 48MP photo processing, just not in ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) or MFNR (Multi-Frame Noise Reduction) modes. Be more attentive when reading SoC specs
  9. Kugumin

    Xiaomi Statistics

    Of course it's possible. Block them in hosts or in some Magisk module like Energized
  10. Kugumin

    Notifications bar too tiny

    It changes with DPI, so you have to change it. Maybe there's a way to change it's width via theme, but I don't know if it's possible
  11. Kugumin

    Batterie problem redmi note 5a lite mui 10 beta 9'6.13

    I am not sure it's a ROM problem. Maybe your battery is dead or you are using custom kernel, which may cause this problem
  12. Kugumin

    How to uninstall bêta app drawer

    I did not tried it yet, so don't know if it installs over existing launcher. If it installs OVER existing launcher I suggest you doing dirty flash, it will restore launcher back
  13. Kugumin

    Magic mirror

    It mirrors photos, made on front camera
  14. Kugumin

    Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro)

    Mi A2 Lite is Android One device and also it has Treble A/B partitions unlike Redmi 6 Pro (It has only A-partition), so you can't install MIUI on Mi A2 Lite
  15. Kugumin

    Wi-Fi Problems Redmi Note 5

    You could try clean installing ROM. Howerer, problem may be in your WiFi. You should try doing factory reset in WiFI router admin panel
  16. Kugumin

    Unlock bootloader without sim

    Insert SIM from your phone in tablet and then continue the process of unlocking BL
  17. Kugumin

    How to change name display in this forum?

    You can't change the name after registration I guess
  18. Kugumin

    Invalid Impossible télécharger la maj eu redmi note 7

    Download from SF or any else source
  19. Kugumin

    Invalid Impossible télécharger la maj eu redmi note 7

    Manually download it and install via "3 dots" menu
  20. Kugumin

    From en developer to eu stable

    You can do this only with official Fastboot ROMs. With ROMs like EU recovery is the only way to install them