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  1. dariusju

    HyperOS 1.0 24.1.29

    Screenshot in keyboard clipboard are double. Sometimes it crashing
  2. dariusju

    HyperOS 1.0 24.1.22

    Hi, FUXI there. We noticed a new sign-in to your Google Account on a Bullitt Group Cat S60 device. :)))
  3. dariusju

    HyperOS 1.0 24.1.8/11

    Fresh/first install always keeps gallery working good. After update only it fails Gonna skip this weekly..
  4. dariusju

    HyperOS 1.0 24.1.1/2/3

    #1 after update, gallery works only in first space. adb commands in second space not helping for crash fix. #2 no screen recorder in second space? #3 phone is heating (mi13) (or maybe i over using it, idk) everything else works as expected.
  5. dariusju

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16

    Login to xiaomi account not works with Google. It's crashing. Only working with email login
  6. dariusju

    MIUI 14 23.8.13/14

    When view video in gallery app it's flickering slightly. Other apps play good. Anyone spotted this behavior?
  7. dariusju

    MIUI 14 23.8.6/7

    This version not listed there?
  8. dariusju

    New Xiaomi 13 second space screen recorder missing

    There is no screen recorder in second space as is in first place . When I download latest apk from apk mirror and install , it dissapear in next day. Also it can't be pinned in control center.
  9. dariusju

    New Xiaomi 13 Camera video beutify not working

    It shows missplaced reset button only.
  10. dariusju

    MIUI 14 23.7.3

    I just wondering if I write bug there, what happens? It will be fixed in China? ? Or just discussing and forget?
  11. dariusju

    MIUI 14 23.7.3

    Stock camera selfie video beutifie is doing nothing just showing reset? ... Are you have this also? MI13
  12. dariusju

    MIUI 14 22.12.8/16

    Restart helped.
  13. dariusju

    MIUI 14 22.12.8/16

    Can't edit icon. Both apps was in folder. Folder deleted. So both apps dragged from drawer and now I can't edit.
  14. dariusju

    MIUI 13 22.1.13

    I figured how long in in Instagram. On another phone or rom just backup Instagram with all data. And in this rom restore backup. It automatically logs out but it's now possible to login again.
  15. dariusju

    MIUI 13 21.12.29/30 - First MIUI 13

    poco f3 no new control center and widgets? and I need wait 3-4 seconds powermenu appear when pressing power button.
  16. dariusju

    MIUI 12.6 21.12.8 - Last MIUI 12

    in second space AdGuard throws error when i try to enable vpn.
  17. dariusju

    MIUI 12.6 21.11.17

    sorry, i don't know if it's miui, chrome or xiaomi eu problem. When i downlading any apk file with chrome and opening it from downloads section it opens in video editing app. i cleared default settings in all apps, also uninstalled video editing app nothing helps. how to clear "open with...
  18. dariusju

    MIUI 12.6 21.11.17

    I don't use Google restore just another root backup app.
  19. dariusju

    MIUI 12.6 21.11.17

    Smart watch also connected all time. I guess it's not accurate or something
  20. dariusju

    MIUI 12.6 21.11.17

    0% of discharge overnight with this rom..