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    TWRP for K20 Pro

    Wait in a week
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    MIUI 9.6 8.4.26/8.5.3/8.5.4/8.5.8/8.5.10/8.5.17/8.5.24

    Is this compatible with Note 5 China ?camera works or not?
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.25 release for mi5s during testing nougat
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.18/19

    Is there TWRP for Mi6??if anybody have it,can share it?thx for advancw
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    [ultimate Guide] How To Unlock Bootloader, Root And Flash Recovery On Redmi Note 3

    1. Reflashing again with fasboot rom latest rom 2. Install twrp again
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.19/20

    @ingbrezy today out CN dev 7.1.20 mi5S can you upload Heres link : http://******
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    [ultimate Guide] How To Unlock Bootloader, Root And Flash Recovery On Redmi Note 3

    Is this method work with Redmi Note 3 Pro?anyone has try it??
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    MULTI 6.6.30

    Is this rom for Redmi note 3 pro??
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    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Is there 6.6.18 for cancro?? Or still 6.6.16
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    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Wohoooo..thx ingbrzy
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    6.6.14 mi4LTE vibrate softly at call menu,if press number,it vibrate softly..i already check setting but still same,before at 6.6.12 its normal,then update via updater choose package,and then give softly vibrate
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha it's 6.6.14 ...need more internet quota
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    OMG...noe it's i'm so tired
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    Done...just update to 6.6.12 mi4 lte
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    Hell yeahh .it's 6.6.12 lets try it on Mi4 LTE
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha right i'm downloading....
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha's 6.6.8...hahahah yesterday i just did update to 6.6.7..then now 6.6.8...any bugs?