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  1. owydyu.barda

    External Camera On Redmi3

    I want to connect a endoscop but the phone does not see the camera. I try with Camerafi ,MScope....and no result....Please help me!!
  2. owydyu.barda

    Parental Control

    Hey.Please help:I need a program to lock the phone my child at certain times.I tried several programs,but all stop working or can be disabled in „permissions manager„.The phone have root and runs rom.thanks
  3. owydyu.barda

    Background Synchronization Weather App

    I want the application to synchronize more often, for example 1 hour ; to do so in the background automatically.Can someone do something?
  4. owydyu.barda

    Check Bootloader If It Is Blocked

    How do I know if bootloader it's locked or not?