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  1. guffoe

    Any Stable Rom Miui7 For Mi Max Pro (helium) From

    Hye guys, I'm currently using miui8 v6.7.21. Did can build one stable miui7 rom for mi max pro (helium)? Since miui8 not so stable right now. I really miss miui7.. Thanks in advance.:)
  2. guffoe

    List Of HARDWARE Mi4 Problem So Far & Future

    Mi4 screen rainbow issue Overheat on mi4 Xiaomi Mi4 touch is not functioning at all, its been just a month buying this new phone...
  3. guffoe

    where to buy redmi note lte?

    Any trusted link? I'm from malaysia
  4. guffoe

    How to Modify LCD density ?

    hi guy. how to modify lcd density? i'm using this app but not success. i also find something inside build.prop but not found any "LCD" any idea to make it?
  5. guffoe

    [Q] How to Remap Hardware Key / Button Menu to Recent ?

    How to Remap Button Menu to Recent ? i'm using mi2s 32gb wiui , any tweak to change it? it's make easy by switching from my recent app now i'm using SWITCHr , but it gesture ..:)
  6. guffoe

    [ASK] How to change dpi xiaomi mi2s?

    Hello.. Need to know how to change dpi on mi2s. How? Any apps change make change?
  7. guffoe

    [Q] can port this rom in Nokia N900?

    hi, it is posible to port to nokia n900? :o