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    Mipad 2 Win 10 Version

    Hello folks, My MiPad2 is on the way. I bought the win 10 version for the license, who knows what the future might bring. But my first thing that i will do is to wipe it and put the rom, for daily use. As i saw the tutorials its quite easy. But what if i want to revert? Is there a way...
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    Mi4c Bluetooth 7.2.4 Stable

    good to see we got a dedicated thread for this great device. does everyone else is experiencing the auto turning off of the bluetooth after 1.5 - 2 hours? i have a garmin speedmeter on my bike with bluetooth and it displays the notifications of the phone which is really handy on a long ride. but...
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    New Mi4c 7.2.4 | Stable

    - long titled tracks (that take up two lines? more than "x" chars) in the music player of the upper status bar (when you pull down the "curtain") are covered by the status bar. - missing button names in the new (edit) contact page when you cancel the editing (creation) (were present like 3...
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    7.1.5 Stable

    There is a 7.1.6 (sorry) libra, in the stable folder, uploaded on jan 26, yet appeard today only. when i install it, it appears as the latest beta ... not complaining, just pointing it out
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    Youtube Problem Mi4c Latest Stable (7.1)

    As title says, since i updated to the latest version, each video i play with the youtube app has the following error: 'there was a problem while playing Touch to retry' I've tried every "solution" what i've found on the internet, clearing cache, disable, force close, unrestricting backgorund...