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    [MIUI 1.4.8] Wallpaper Scroll disable and 30 second Lockscreen timeout

    Here you go guys just did it real quick. Enjoy :) Wallpaper Scroll Disable 30 Second Timeout Lockscreen Thank you! Daniel06GT
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    11.19 and 11.12 MMS Color Change

    I did this for 11.15 and now updated to 11.19 changed the stock Green to Blue, did this only because I hate that green color. Everything else works the same... another thing when changing to the stock theme the preview will show green i didn't want to change that but once you theme it it'll...
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    [MOD] 11.12 and 11.19 MMS Color Change

    I've gone ahead and changed the Green Color of the SMS app to all blue. (Reason: I hate that green and the blue was more my "Style") See pic below. Updated for 11.19 LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN (Read the rules for 11.19 please) ADMIN EDIT (24/11/2010 @ 14:44 GMT) If this link is reposted with APKs...