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  1. kamelot

    New 8.11.1 Mi8SE Automatic display brightness not working

    It seems Automatic display brightness is broken in this version. It always sgoes back to minimum brightness, no matter what you choose. Second bug in this version is the Weather app. It doesn't seem to fix a location.
  2. kamelot

    Miwifi Mini Ssh Access

    Hi, I'm trying to flash OpenWrt on my Xiaomi Mini Router. I am following a procedure, according which I need to obtain SSH first, and the I can flash the OpenWrt. I have already done that with my previous Xiaomi Router (this is my second). I tried to flash the SSH unsuccessfully at least 10...
  3. kamelot

    New Background Data Off / E-mail Not Syncing ?

    Hi, About a month ago, my favorite mail client Aqua Mail stopped syncing on my Mi3W. It's like if I open it at the end of the day, it's last time of sync was in the mornning, when I last looked at it. I've been using Aqua Mail for two years without a problem. Then suddenly, after an update...
  4. kamelot

    Mi4i Fastboot, Rom Files ?

    Hi, I cannot seem to find the Fastboot ROM and the weekly international ROM for Ferrari devices (Mi4i) Does anyone know if they're available somewhere ? Thanks!
  5. kamelot

    New Mi3w not a bug / suggestion

    I have noticed a very irritating (at least to me) change in v6 on my Mi3w When I'm having a conversation, there's a list of icons shown on the screen. They are shown by default once you dial a number and somebody picks up on the remote side. These are for holding a conversation, recording...
  6. kamelot

    New Mi3W Optimize App not working

    Device is Mi3W ROM: 4.8.29, MIUI6 Problem: Optimizer app closes almost immediately after starting to scan. After trying each component on its own, it seems the Cleaner is causing problem and closing itself. Can replicate: yes
  7. kamelot

    New Redmi 1S bugs

    I have found two major bugs in my Redmi 1S device. Same bugs have also been reported by another user of 1. An opened application closes instantly, ot a few seconds after being opened. There is no error message. It looks as if you have accidentaly pressed HOME button. When you open the...
  8. kamelot

    Redmi 1S in Fastboot mode

    Well, after making some experiments, my Redmi 1S is now in Fastboot mode and won't load normally. I ried to flash it with MiFlash, but somehow it doesn't happen. There's no instruction on how to do it properly. Here's what I do: 1. Download proper fastboot image...
  9. kamelot

    Redmi 1S (Armani) questions

    Hello, I have received my new Redmi 1S today. I need a few days for proper impressins, however, I need some help here. It appears it comes with some sort of Miui own recovery. It doesn't allow me to flash Multilanguage ROM as if it was TWRP or CWM. Further more, trying to click the Systems...
  10. kamelot

    New Hongmi Google sync ?

    Hello, A friend of mine just received his new Hongmi. We copied the contacts from his old phones to Hongmi memory, but I cannot seem to find how to sync them with Google. All the sync options are switched on, but the conttacts doesn't seem to go to Gmail. Can somеbody help ? Thank you.
  11. kamelot

    New Hongmi vibrate on touch always ON ?

    Hi, I have found the folling bug: ROM version (latest stable) No matter what I do, "Vibrate on touch" is always enabled after restart. I switch it off, restart the phone for some reason, and it's on again. While testing ROM 3.12.13, this was fixed...
  12. kamelot

    New Version on Hongmi

    Hello, I'm using version on my Hongmi. Found several problems so far: Sound of ringtones/music/voice is pretty low from the speaker. So low (volume is on the max), that I struggle hearing the phone while on the street or in a working car. Comparing with my...