12s ultra

  1. A

    Xiaomi 12S Ultra - Camera not that good?

    Hello everyone! I'm not that happy with my 12S Ultra camera quality. Most pictures turn out blurry in the gallery even if they look good and focused while taking it. Also it seems to me that it's pretty hard to nail a decent photo, something that was easy enough with my last phone, a Redmi...
  2. Birgit Krippner

    New 12s Ultra Bad Mobile Network Connectivity

    Hey there. I recently installed the Xiaomi EU ROM and have noticed, that I get minimum bars of network where I live. This is really slow and affects my daily usage. I live rural in New Zealand (South Island, Central Otago). Some things to know: 1. my network provider is Vodafone. 2. all other...
  3. M

    Mi 11 ultra or Xiaomi 12s ultra

    Is it worth buying the Mi 11 ultra Chinese version to install xiaomi.eu ROM to use in the UK as I've seen some sites selling it for decent prices and below the £1k mark. Or get the 12s ultra if it's below the £1k mark as I don't want to spend that much on a phone. However I'd want banking...