4g network

  1. croatan

    Any version of 13 Ultra that supports 4G-B20 channel?

    Hi everyone, I'm based in the EU and in my country 4G is mostly a B20 channel. I am wondering if there is any version already out that support this channel? And where can I buy it in an EU store to avoid customs and taxes? Thanks a lot
  2. I

    New POCO F3 4g connection problem

  3. D

    Invalid Mobile network (LTE logo) not showing up on top of signal bars

    When I activate mobile network, no logo shows on top of the signal bars. The mobile network is configured correctly and I tried to reset settings. Also tried manual configuration. Still the logo does not show up and I can not use mobile network. I am using Redmi Note 10, global rom. I have...
  4. Z

    New Network Bug /LTE/TD-SCDMA/UMTS

    Hi mi Community since i bought my mi 9 i have this issue or bug with my network the default network is always set to LTE/TD-SCDMA/UMTS Even if i try to change it to global auto it doesn't change or can't catch the 4 when i'm on 4g also I can't receive the calls people call me it said i'm...
  5. C

    Unlocked Lte Band 20 (800mhz) On Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro?

    Hi! I suppose that 4G 800MHz isn't unlocked because it is not mentioned anywhere, am I right? But since it is fixable by software modifications, is there any mod ready to apply? Or even better, could it be added to the ROM? Pleaaaaaase? :-)
  6. X

    Experience With Xiaomi Mi5s 4g In Europe

    Hi guys! Anyone having experience with a Xiaomi Mi5 and 4G in the Netherlands or Europe? Is it compatible with 800 MHz frequencies? I can't really figure it out. Thanks! Richard