1. Danxell

    How to Unlock Bootloader, Unbrick and Install correctly MIUI 11 on MI9T (9.9.26 to 20.1.21)

    Hi! This process takes a long time, make sure you do it at a suitable time :) Bricked Phone? The instructions to solve it are at the end of the post. Telegram: @Danxell...
  2. Whateveristic

    Why There is no Dark Mode for Redmi 5a ?

    HI I am useing last beta and I did not see any dark mode on Redmi 5a , could somesone explain this ?
  3. Whateveristic

    New Miui 11 9.9.26 v2 Caused Bootloop on Redmi 5a

    Hi I flahsed the last beta but it caused bootloop on my Redmi 5A and I am trying to go back to V1 . Please fix this issue