1. AsadP Virus ( Rom)

    Hey all, For the past few weeks, my manager has received a few... insightful notifications from Chrome. He's running 8.3.8 (as of today) Xiaomi.EU ROM. He keeps getting 6/7 notifications and I've run 3 antiviruses (malwarebytes, avast and kaspersky). I've logcat and found these results...
  2. D

    ******* Vendor Rom To Official Rom (prefferably Dev)

    Hi Guys. So just to make it easier for you guys i made a 3 min clip explaining everything https: // ebR76PPGGiY btw the app that is causing the ads also installed 2 random apps with full security premissions ...? Please if you know a solution or how to stop the ads please tell me.
  3. ozfunghi

    Ready To Throw My Rmn2 Out The Window

    In December i bought a RMN2 from Pandawill, and it came with a Xiaomi.EU ROM installed. All was great, the sun was shining and birds were tweeting. The ROM got a very high score on Antutu (56.000) and i was pleased... but then, after a while i noticed i couldn't install certain apps (such as the...