1. H

    New Opening/clossing app animation not working (HM note 10 Stable)

    Hí, I updated my Redmi note 10 stable and I've noticed something when opening or when returning home, the normal animations aren´t there. It´s just like the app opens almost instantly without any progression or anything. Is there something i can do to get the normal animations?
  2. mexicanguy

    Is there a way to enable layered icons on the redmi k20-mi 9t?

    I would like to know if there is a magisk module or something to enable the icons to be layered as shown in the video link below. Look that in the first betas of miui 12 in the redmi k20 if it incorporated that option but in the last betas no longer. Thanks in advance
  3. Ian Moone

    [Poco X3 NFC] Bluetooth Animation

    Hi I don't know if this was posted before, but I didn't find anything. I updated my Poco X3 NFC to the 12.0.6 EU version, and when connecting my air Bluetooth earphones the connection animation takes a long time to show up or does not show up at all. Do you know if there is a solution for this...
  4. M

    New Animations failing

    My mi 9 doesn't always have these screen unlock animations, sometimes it works and sometimes just the wallpaper that makes the effect. I've tried to install different versions of Mi launcher and it doesn't change anything. Can anyone help? I still thought it was a MIUI.EU problem, so I moved to...
  5. Bonsais

    New Animation Bug In 6.5.12

    I've been using this ROM (6.5.12 hermes) for some days now, and I have to tell that it is great, but I've discovered an annoying bug. The bug appears when I tap on the "running apps" button or I swipe down for the notifications/search/settings and the background blurs in white color (I think...
  6. mdki1996

    Disable Miui Animation?

    Hi all, I always go into developer option and set animations to 0x, but in Miui (additional option, battery, optimizes system performance) there is a further option to disable animations. What is the difference?