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    Downgrade MIUI12.5, android 11 to MIUI10, android 9

    Hello everyone, I am new here on the forum, so please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong place. I have a smartphone "Redmi note 8 - ginkgo", he is in version miui12.5, android 11. This version was installed cleanly through orange fox, but even so it is very slow, the system can not hold the...
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    Mi 10 pro - problem with rollback

    Hello, I tried to install a global Xiaomi rom site, but I had problems with the TWRP. I wanted to install an official version with miflash, but I have a rollback problem. My phone is in version 1, and the official roms are in version 0. I don't know what to do anymore, would anyone have a...
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    RollBack From Miui EU(Android 10) to Miui official Global Stable(Android 9).

    I have some scenario to all the experts. 1) if i installed twrp but later it auto convert back to stock recovery, can i still update the weekly miui eu? 2) if i installed twrp and remain using the twrp, how do i able to change back to stock recovery? 3) if i installed twrp and miui eu (android...
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    Question About anti-rollback protection

    Hello! I have one question, i heard about the anti rollback protection and i was very unsure to upgrade and downgrade at all because i thought, as soon as i do it, i will break it. So i decided i download the latest fastboot firmware for the Redmi Note 7 Global V10.3.10.0.PFGMIXM i checked the...
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    Anti rollback on rosy?

    Dow miui eu version 10.2 8.11.15 android 8.1 on redmi 5 rosy have anti rollback 4? Please tell me so that i can downgrade to miui Thanks all
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    Question about rollback

    I have a mi max 3 with the global version I have tried to known, if my rom have antirollback but when i put the command fastboot getvar anti, with the phone unlock and in fastmode, the phone make a reboot and i can not know anything. I would like to know if i have it, to...
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    Does ROMs have anti rollback?

    Hello all, I'm on the Redmi Note 5 global (whyred) with anti 4 and would like to know if the ROMs have anti rollback enabled? I am sorry for any inconveniences from asking this. Thank you in advance!
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    [Whyred/Redmi Note 5 Pro] Do the ROMs trigger anti-rollback?

    Hi. I recently bought a whyred device and didn't really know about the anti-rollback thing. So my phone updated to the Global Stable ROM that triggers anti-rollback. My bootloader is still locked at the moment, but I'll unlock it today. (I had a waiting period.) My questions are simple. 1...