battery drain quickly

  1. A

    New idle time battery draining on mi9T , miui 12.5

    My battery drained like 50% last night and the night before i woke up with the dead battery , something that never happened before
  2. Tomelis

    Problems: Battery Drain Fast, MIUI (Google) Dialer, Contacts. (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) How to fix?

    Dear Xiaomi users, I have changed my old Xiaomi mobile to the new one Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro everything would be great – specs. and everything else. I really like many products of Xiaomi company, but I wouldn't even have thought I'd have so much troubles with my new Mi 9T Pro. There is some very...
  3. B

    Temps problems

    I have a problem with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, lately the temperature has started to rise and sometimes the battery does not last as long as it should. It heats up when I charge it (just like the charger) and the phone stays hot without using it. I can notice that the phone is hot compared to...
  4. S Rom Weekly Vs Stable

    Can I change the ROM from Weekly to Stable without data lost? Which is better? In Weekly the battery drain quickly. In stable version i will have the "split screen" option and all options from Weekly? Thanks. Sorry for my English, I'm from Republic of Moldova :(