battery health

  1. B

    Temps problems

    I have a problem with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, lately the temperature has started to rise and sometimes the battery does not last as long as it should. It heats up when I charge it (just like the charger) and the phone stays hot without using it. I can notice that the phone is hot compared to...
  2. D

    About Mi 5s Battery

    I have using Mi 5s for a 5 month and my phone always 4 hours on screen. I always try to install another rom to see the improvement but it doesn't. Now i'm using the newest eu stable rom but it still 4 hour on screen. Anyone know the rom with the best battery onscreen ? Thanks *Sorry my...
  3. Kse7en

    [mi Note Virgo] Battery Life Comparision

    Hi guys, For Mi Note stable roms, between, or if possible, the newest rom Which one in your opinion has the best battery life? whoever passes by, please spare a little time to vote, or drop a comment. many thanks in advance. Yours sincerely,
  4. Y

    Redmi Note 3 Battery Voltage

    I read that most li-on and li-poly batteries are considered fully charged at 4.1 V. I went and looked in the *#*#4636*#*# battery menu and when fully charged it is reporting 4.4 V. Is this normal or is the information wrong or is my phone being overcharged which will affect longevity of the...