1. S

    [HELP] Poco F3 Bricked. Doesn't Boot.

    So I was updating to the newest weekly update of the eu Rom but something went wrong, and the update was stuck. After a bit I got it to work again, and decided to install the stable version instead of the weekly. It was not in the cards. That update/installation also froze, and now my phone is...
  2. LikMaw

    (MI10T) Can't save TWRP, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to install this ROM for two days but I've founded some problems in my way. I can install TWRP on my phone through fastboot and it it boots, but when I enter the system and then try to get into recovery another time, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery. Why does...
  3. LikMaw

    Stucked on "Mi" logo loop

    (Xiaomi Mi10T) Hello everybody, first of all, thanks for reading because I'm in serious trouble. It's my first time using custom roms and I'm stucked on the "Mi" logo, It shows for 5 seconds and it restarts all the time. Mi, mi, mi, mi, ... I've tried to unbrick it with XiaoMiTools V2 two times...
  4. kevols

    Eu rom can't boot if bypass mi account?

    I don't know if it's okay. but i have a problem when I'm using the latest eu rom i do always delete the finddevice.apk and cloudservice.apk via recovery so i can use my phone (i can't recover my mi account anymore it's been 2years) so i always do a bypass method. anyone know this issue? or...
  5. H

    Bootloading problem/Unstable Fastboot [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have a 2018 Mi A2 Lite, and two months ago I decided to root it using Magisk and the Fastboot method (so I downloaded the ROM and flashed with the PowerShell from my PC). Everything went perfectly, and I rebooted a rooted smarphone. At the beginning of September, I received a...
  6. N

    Dead phone after turning off while instaling ROM / MiFlash doesn't see device / can't go FASTBOOT nor recovery

    Hello, I was installing on my Xiaomi Mi 5x MIUI 10 by TWRP. Eveything was fine, but for some reason meanwhile phone just turned off. I was trying to go into FASTBOOT (vol - and pow) after connecting to PC but it only makes vibration and signal (black screen). Also tools like MiFlash don't see...
  7. Ivo001

    Constant crash messages ( + more)

    I tried to do a fresh install of the latest software (9.6.5) via TWRP. I did wipe system, data, dalvik and cache, then flash the rom. when booting i constantly get 3 crash messages: keeps stopping android.process.acore keeps stopping MTP Host keeps stopping And a message...
  8. pdumas

    New Mi9 : inserting sim card blocks phone

    I bought a Mi9. When I insert the sim from my other phone it stops working: it turns black with the fingerprint and 3 android buttons at bottom (square, circle, triangle) If I switch it off, then insert the sim, then reboot... it boots after several minutes and the same problem. Once it has...
  9. S

    Poco F1 stuck at Pattern unlock at boot after an OTA update

    Anyone having the same problem ? Precise description under Seems to be related to the fact that the phone in question had hardware encryption enabled recently. Any idea how I can regain control of the device...
  10. N

    Please Help Cannot Boot Phone

    I uptaded the rom with twrp. As it ended, I went on "boot phone" but it simply turned off and didn't boot. I tried every button combination but it is not working. Thought it was the battery so i charged a few hours but nothing changes.
  11. Kubo83

    Login After Boot With Fingerprint

    please can this be made as unique EU feature ? all the time the phone I unlock by fingerprint, but I use 23-07 turn off so each morning I have to imput pin+phone code ... that is both time covered by fingerprint ... why this cant be run by boot ? by default ?
  12. R

    Note 3 Pro Boot Loop

    Hi, i am new at this fórum. I am trying to flash The latest miui stable rom for Redmi Note 3 Pro (Qualcomm). I was able to unlock bootloader and then flash TWRP. The problema is when i flash The rom through TWRP it goes bootlooping. Anything i can try? Thanks in advance for The help