1. kevols

    Eu rom can't boot if bypass mi account?

    I don't know if it's okay. but i have a problem when I'm using the latest eu rom i do always delete the finddevice.apk and cloudservice.apk via recovery so i can use my phone (i can't recover my mi account anymore it's been 2years) so i always do a bypass method. anyone know this issue? or...
  2. H

    Bootloading problem/Unstable Fastboot [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have a 2018 Mi A2 Lite, and two months ago I decided to root it using Magisk and the Fastboot method (so I downloaded the ROM and flashed with the PowerShell from my PC). Everything went perfectly, and I rebooted a rooted smarphone. At the beginning of September, I received a...
  3. N

    Dead phone after turning off while instaling ROM / MiFlash doesn't see device / can't go FASTBOOT nor recovery

    Hello, I was installing on my Xiaomi Mi 5x MIUI 10 by TWRP. Eveything was fine, but for some reason meanwhile phone just turned off. I was trying to go into FASTBOOT (vol - and pow) after connecting to PC but it only makes vibration and signal (black screen). Also tools like MiFlash don't see...
  4. Ivo001

    Constant crash messages ( + more)

    I tried to do a fresh install of the latest software (9.6.5) via TWRP. I did wipe system, data, dalvik and cache, then flash the rom. when booting i constantly get 3 crash messages: keeps stopping android.process.acore keeps stopping MTP Host keeps stopping And a message...
  5. pdumas

    New Mi9 : inserting sim card blocks phone

    I bought a Mi9. When I insert the sim from my other phone it stops working: it turns black with the fingerprint and 3 android buttons at bottom (square, circle, triangle) If I switch it off, then insert the sim, then reboot... it boots after several minutes and the same problem. Once it has...
  6. S

    Poco F1 stuck at Pattern unlock at boot after an OTA update

    Anyone having the same problem ? Precise description under Seems to be related to the fact that the phone in question had hardware encryption enabled recently. Any idea how I can regain control of the device...
  7. N

    Please Help Cannot Boot Phone

    I uptaded the rom with twrp. As it ended, I went on "boot phone" but it simply turned off and didn't boot. I tried every button combination but it is not working. Thought it was the battery so i charged a few hours but nothing changes.
  8. K

    Login After Boot With Fingerprint

    please can this be made as unique EU feature ? all the time the phone I unlock by fingerprint, but I use 23-07 turn off so each morning I have to imput pin+phone code ... that is both time covered by fingerprint ... why this cant be run by boot ? by default ?
  9. R

    Note 3 Pro Boot Loop

    Hi, i am new at this fórum. I am trying to flash The latest miui stable rom for Redmi Note 3 Pro (Qualcomm). I was able to unlock bootloader and then flash TWRP. The problema is when i flash The rom through TWRP it goes bootlooping. Anything i can try? Thanks in advance for The help