1. P

    New Miui12.5.2 messed up my pokemon go

    Hi, Ever since I updated miui 12.4 (I think) to 12.5.2, I keep getting black screen error in pokemon go. I need to reinstall / wipe all data and restart phone every day to fix this. I once managed to downgrade miui to 12.0. problems were solved but then miui updates again and problems are back...
  2. A

    Mi 8 Microphone

    Hello. I've dropped my Mi 8 in a bucket of colour and I managed to save it and the microphone didn't make it out alive. So I want to ask where the microphone in Mi 8 is pointed so I can repair it. Thanks in advance.
  3. B

    Mobile data broken on Miui 10.2.2 stable Android Pie

    Hi installed Miui 10.2.2 stabile on my MI 8SE. Everything worked fine, and it boots correct but mobile data does not work (Wlan works fine) . After adding the correct APN my phone loads tiny amounts of data 10 kb within two hours but all apps report no Internet connection. I found that other...
  4. A

    Hard Brick Mi5s

    Hello guys! Yesterday i decided to flash an older Global ROM since the new one had Wifi Problems for me. After i successfully flashed it, and tried to reboot it, it did not respond to any actions. The Screen is black, doesn't show a MI logo neither does it show a charging LED anymore. I cant...
  5. Hamed Kazemi

    How To Change Redmi Pro Lcd ?

    hi, i just dropped my phone from 20 cm height and it LCD has been dead, it's not broken, it didn't even take scratch, but lcd is dead and all black ... i know it's a cheap phone, but i didn't know how venerable it was ... now i want to open the case of my redmi pro, i didn't find any video or...
  6. Ulti00

    Mi Note (virgo) Marshmallow Bugs?

    Hi, I finally decided to update to Marshmallow after a few months of it being released. (6.3.10) I've been experiencing some bugs and just wondered if anyone knows any fixes for these: 1. 3G/H+/4G sometimes dies. Rebooting solves the issue but that is a pain. I tried putting into Airplanes...