1. K

    Xiaomi Redmi note 7 wifi calls not working?

    Hi, so I know you can enable wifi calls on your Redmi note 7 phone, but that doesn't mean wifi call will work. I believe phone operators needs to support your phone for this. I use "Onecall" which is based in Norway. They only support iPhone's, Samsung phones, and a few huawei phones. Is it...
  2. P

    New Incoming call minimized.

    Hi. When i have incoming call is always minimized on top left. When im hitting there then goes normal incoming call screen. I have checked permissions, reset the caller app (miui) but not working.
  3. M

    New Miui12 calls with redmi note 7

    Hi guys, I'm new on the forum, about a week ago I flashed my redmi note 7 putting the miui 12, I found several bugs but unfortunately one compromises the functioning of the phone itself. By making a call it is only possible to listen but whoever is on the other side will not hear anything. I...
  4. X

    Incoming call from specific contact (not blocked) is automatically rejected.

    Hi. I have a Mi 9. Everytime I receive a call from a specific contact, the call is automatically rejected. The contact is not blocked and the call log is not stored as blocked contact. There is no block list in my phone . But whenever call came from only one particular number it's automatically...
  5. F

    New [Possible] Bug - Can't make calls - 9.8.29/9.9.3

    Phone: Mi Mix 2S MIUI: 9.8.22 (working) MIUI Language: Portuguese Country: Portugal Service provider: Vodafone Hi, since 9.8.29 that i can't make any call's. I can however receive them about 70% of the time (the ones that fail say my phone it's turned off). It started when i installed the...
  6. S

    Redmi Note 4x, call sound too loud

    Hi, I'm using the stable, but when i use the WhatsApp call the volume it's too loud, and it's even more loud when I use headphones. How can I decrease the volume during the calls, I read that I have to change values on the mixer_paths.xml, I hope you can help me.
  7. F

    Sound During Call

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the Xiaomi world and I started with this great machine, the Xiaomi Mi9. However, during calls the sound seems like getting out from the speaker and not going to the ear. Everybody can hear my call. Is this making any sense?
  8. K

    Problem with receiving calls Xiaomi redmi note 5

    Dear, good afternoon, I have a problem with my Xiaomi redmi note 5, I can not receive calls when it is operating in 4G, only if I change to operate on 3G, it works normally ... How do I solve this problem? I'm new here on the forum, a big hug from Brazil! Information about my Xiaomi. MIUI...
  9. Undefinedx7

    End Call Loud Bio Sound

    Hello, I have a annoying biip sound at end of call and I was wondering if it was possible to disable it. Mi 5s ROM Thank you for helping
  10. B

    Microphone Gain Issue - People Can't Hear Me In Call.

    Hi I seem to have an issue with my Mi4C where people can't hear me in call. I tested the microphone using the voice recorder and it works fine. Then I ran Hardware Tests: 1. Main mic speaker feedback test - Pass 2. Simulation call test - Fail but I can hear something if I make a really loud...
  11. asianyan

    Noise Cancelling Cancels Out My Voice

    Whenever I'm making a call, the other person says it sounds like I'm under water or far away from the mic. I've googled it up and found several forum posts about this. The problem is the noise cancelling. I have not found a thread with this problem on the Redmi Pro yet. Is there a possibility...
  12. F

    Not Vibrating When On Call

    Hi, guys. I'm having problems with my Mi5s. When I'm talking, I don't get vibrating notification if someone text me on Whatsapp or normal SMS. This is important to me because I'm often on phone talking, and if phone don't vibrate, I'm totally oblivious about that message. Does anyone have any...
  13. D

    Proximity Sensor Not Working While Calling

    It's the same on weekly and latest available stable; the proximity sensor on my Kate does not work during call. I am talking, move the device away from my ear and want to hang up or add a note, screen stays dark. Reporting such bugs here is useless I guess, but I think reporting it at...
  14. I

    Calls Cancelled

    Hello I have been experiencing this problem with my xiaomi the past 2 weeks: everytime I try to call someone the call immediately gets cancelled. After a few tries it gets through but the point is I don't want to try it 5-6 times. Anyone can help with this? Thanks in advance.!
  15. L

    Problem With Using A Bluetooth Hands-free Calling.

    Hello, I tested the operation of many multimedia car (JVC, KENWOOD, ALPINE, SONY): - Pairing is immediate; - Bluetooth read contacts correctly; - You can not make phone call from the car monitor panel. The call is not activated; - If the call is made from mi5 then there is no audio transport...
  16. loadbalancer

    New In-call Volume Can't Be Further Decreased?

    Hi guys, Device: Mi5 64GB Version: 6.5.19 I have the phenomenon that i can't decrease the volume during calls under a specific value. Neither when i try with the Vol+ / Vol- keys, nor in the settings: The marked bar can't be more lowered than currently set in the screenshot. Sounds crazy...