camera error

  1. C

    Invalid Redmi Note 10 Pro Camera Crash

    Hello everyone! i have been experiencing the Camera crash of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. I already contacted technical supports but they said the only i can do is wait for the next OS update (Mi 14) which is this my only phone. I tried all remedy like formatting, hard reset, force stop clear...
  2. Shaonbd

    New Video Recording Not Working Redmi 6 Pro

    After Update my redmi 6 pro to android pie with miui beta 9.2.15 camera capture mode works fine but video recording not working. When I record a video it not respond.
  3. B

    Camera is not working after flashing MIUI10 Stable rom

    My Redmi Note 6 Pro camera is not working after flashing this rom ( ) . It just displays black screen. I did flash back to Global version but my camera is still black. Is there any fix? I really like taking the picture. It's sound sad to...
  4. Rizqiarcher

    New BUG ROM 8.10.11

    BUG rom 8.10.11, any solution??
  5. K

    New Camera App Playing Up

    Hi, I've found that recently, my stock camera app sometime plays up. It often starts and the controls load, but it shows no image and then says that the app is no longer working, and gives me the option to wait or to close it. Waiting often does nothing. I have to try opening it a few times, and...
  6. M

    New Camera Error Xiaomi Redmi 3 Note Pro

    Hi, I bough a Xiaomi Redmi 3 Note Pro smartphone (International version), however I cannot open the Camera app as I get the error message "Camera error: Can't connect to camera". I already re-started the smartphone several times, the app then worked from time to time, however most of the time it...
  7. Marco Silva

    Video Mode Resolution Default

    Hello, in the next update, you should repair the anoying bug of the video camera mode, that you everytime you close the camera in for example 4k, it return to the Full HD mode. Is really bad, the app should record the last resolution that the user use. Because if you need to be fast to record...
  8. Felipe Solis

    Camera Doesn't Focus In Video Calls

    I have the last weekly rom, and i don´t why it happens, because the camera app works perfectly. Even if i try to focus manually, it doesn't work
  9. K

    New 6.12.22 Camera Error Occurs When Taking Picture In Korean Language

    - Phone: Xiaomi Mi5S plus (4GB RAM/64G ROM) - ROM version: weekly(6.12.22) - Language: Korean (한국어) Camera error occurs when taking picture in Korean language. No problem in English.