1. Arguuo

    New Spotify Drains Battery

    When I'm listening to music on Spotify in background (with screen off) the battery is drained so much, and the phone is heating. Don't know if it comes from the Spotify app, or from this version of MIUI9 but I can't use it without charging my phone at the same time because it will drain all my...
  2. makeyeu

    Redmi Note 3 Pro Won't Chrage

    At the end of the day plugged in my RN3P into Aukey Quick Charge 2 power supply and Anker sleeved USB cable at about 15% battery level. Phone got very hot in next few minutes and just stopped charging. Now phone works normally, is cold and has about 8% of charge. I tried different sockets...
  3. Smoogie

    Quick Charge, How ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is something saying if Quickcharge is enabled (a message or a logo, icon etc..) or if there is an option to enable in settings. Actually, i never saw any of these and my phone takes a while to be fully charged (~1h30 +/-) and the 80÷ are never...