china rom

  1. W

    Installing EU ROM to Chinese Mi 11 Ultra with flashed Global ROM.

    Hey. Hey, I bought a Mi 11 Ultra which is originally from China (had a Chinese ROM). The phone should arrive this week. The seller says it has an unlocked bootloader and there is currently a global ROM flashed. There is supposed to be MIUI 12. Can I just flash the latest stable Recovery ROM...
  2. K

    How to Flash ROM from China ROM in Mi CC9

    Hello dears, I have bought Mi CC9 and I wish to flash EU ROM as I want to use Google Services and call recording features. But I don't know how-to as I am newbie to flash. And are there any errors or problems used to be in flashing TWRP and EU ROM? And also errors in MIUI EU ROM...
  3. abhi281

    Redmi K30 5G Query

    Hello, I am using Redmi K30 5G with latest MIUI 12.1.1 China ROM. I want to unlock my bootloader and flash ROM. But I am bit confused about this ROM and I have certain queries: 1) If I ever go to mainland China (I'm a traveler and visit China sometimes) will ROM work there...
  4. L

    Xiaomi mi 8 from china

    Hey all , i guess that there are many similar questions (that i couldnt find tho) about that issue My wife bought last September a Xiaomi mi 8 in Beijing, She bought it in a official xiaomi shop and asked for international version . After leaving the city she found out that she cant install...
  5. Ko Wunna

    Does billing for PUBG work in eu rom?

    Does anyone try purchasing in PUBG ? does it work? Not working in china rom.
  6. N

    8.8.9 (MIUI10) on locked bootloader Stable Global (MIUI 9.5.13)

    So I have flashed my Mi8 with a global rom (9.5.13) and accidentally locked it. Obviously the global will not boot up with locked bootloader. I need a china rom thats more recent than the global 9.5.13 Is there one? When will there be one? Is it possible to flash the Official Miui 10 Dev/Beta...
  7. N

    Redmi Note 3 Mtk ? - Identify And Global Rom Possible

    Hi All I have acquired a redmi note 3 I think it is MTK MIUI 7.0 | Stable (LHNCNCJ) so this is china ROM and I don't get any updates. Can I install a Global ROM with MIUI 8 ?