1. SandmanRF

    Poco X3 NFC Black Screen of death the same day I bought it

    Hi, i just bought a Poco X3 NFC 128Gb, after 3 hours of use, you know, initial config, app downloading, sing in, etc. I put the phone into my pocket and five minutes later when i tried to unlock it, the phone was death, not responding to anything, i tried to connect charger but nothing happened...
  2. claudio0222

    Xiaomi mi 8 se problems

    At the moment of wanting to go to the stable version of miui 11, it rebooted and I stayed on the fastboot screen, the black screen comes out when I want to use miflash or miflashpro, and when I try to use adb I get the following image what is the solution? has a solution? :( thank you very much
  3. M

    mi9 se Dead

    [solution] The cell phone worked. I changed the charger. Apparently this charger shocked my phone and it went back to work. I bought a mi9 if new (128gb blue). I was about 10 minutes with him on. I managed to turn it on, but decided to reset the factory mode to donate it to someone else. After...
  4. N

    Attention! Mi9 hard bricked!

    Hello, Just to advise you: DON'T rollback from Android 10 to Android 9 with twrp! Mine is dead after restoring a android 9 backup and rebooted. Be careful!
  5. E

    Redmi Pro Dead After Update

    i was on 7.3.16 and my phone came overheated, so hat that i can cook an egg on it. then i just turn it of but the phone doesn't turn on. it doesn't make any try to turn on or something. is totally dead. is there any way to do something about?? because i love my phone and i miss it :( if i can...
  6. M

    Redmi 3s 3/32gb Completely Bricked. No Edl, No Fastboot, No Logo, No Led - Solved

    1. I have bought brand new Redmi 3s 3/32GB english/china language version and I've asked Xiaomi for permission to unlock bootloader. After three days I've got the permission and I've unlocked the bootloader. 2. After that I have attempted to flash global stable rom using fastboot rom, EDL mode...
  7. S

    [dead Boot] Need Mprgxxxx.mbn And Msimage.mbn For Redmi 3

    I don't know if it's the right place to post this.. but can anyone provide me MPRGXXXX.mbn and msimage.mbn files for Redmi 3?? Or are these files already included in the fastboot rom with different names?? Or can we somehow get these files from another Redmi 3?? Or can we somehow make these...
  8. I

    Mi 4 Faulty Motherboard

    So, My Mi4 FDD LTE 3gb is going for repair this week, and i was wondering if anyone has ever had a faulty motherboard that needed replacement? Mine caused bootloops until the phone died.