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  1. X

    How to change MIUI eu icons

    I installed this wonderful ROM, aka MIUI eu. Everything is fine , except 1 little thing . WHAT A HORRIBLE PRE-INSTALLED ICON PACK! I search all the internet , tried everything . Twrp then orangeFox, root , root explorer, deleting MIUI-icon-pack . Nothing worked . Even with root I was unable to...
  2. ViBE-HU

    Invalid Pocophone F1 indicator icon bug

    After I installed stable via TWRP the network/wifi/battery indicators are incorrect. I'm using the POCO theme but these indicators are from the default theme what most of the Xiaomi phones use. Changing the themes several times fixed it for temporary but after a restart now I get...
  3. M

    Issue With Status Bar When Using Google Calendar And Default Theme

    Status bar background and text is white, so I can not see status bar text and icons using Google calendar version 5.6.8 and default theme (Ocean breeze). Does any body have same issue / problems? Using MI4 lte (2GB/16GB) and dev rom (curenttly 6.12.8. but issue is present for ages).