1. K

    What Big Files Not To Delete ?

    Hi everybody, I noticed that I've got around 18Gb of Big Files which some of them are called data.ext4.win00X (X being following numbers), system.ext4.win00X. Also I've got many files named XXXXXXX.nfv and XXXXXXX.nfa (X still being numbers) and one named B009995WKQ_ep6.aax. Do you have an...
  2. M

    Cleaned Up To Much - No Os Anymore On Phone

    Very stupid but I wanted to reset my phone to fabric to sell it. But somehow I deleted everything also the OS on the device. When I start the phone the MI logo shows but nothing happens. I can start in fastboot but that's all. Can somebody help me out or can I just throw the device away?
  3. G

    Avoid System App Being Erased After Update? Cerberus App

    For those of you using CERBERUS app on Rooted Xiaomi phones... Could you help me a bit? I keep on testing functionalities of Cerberus app and just found a security failure, maybe you could help me sort it out. I have Cerberus on a Xiaomi Mi5S Rooted phone. I previously converted the app to a...
  4. V

    How To Delete Emails From Contact List - Show Only Phone Numers?

    Hi I have redmi 3s with Android 6.0.1, and MIUI version, and I have problem with contacts list. On contact list I have 2 options: 1. Last - this is list with last calls 2. Contacts - this is list with phone numbers ( 85 contact number now ) - on right side is alphabet, where I can...
  5. R

    Delete Profile On Forum

    Hello, How can I delete my account here on the forum? I do no longer use ROMs, and wish to have my forum-account here on the site deleted, please. Thank you