1. T

    How to change from Google Dialer to Miui dialer?

    Hi, so i recently bought my new phone but i really dont like the google dialer is there a way for me to change to the miui dialer?
  2. O

    New No contacts in the dialer app

    It's been several Months I have this problem. Only restarting the phone helps. I have tried to clear all the data of the dialer app but this is not working.
  3. K

    New Redmi K20 Pro [12.0.3stable] Speeddial crashes

    Hello Community I'm using the actual 12.0.3 stable eu-rom on my K20pro Premium Edition and since Update from stable 11 the Speeddial option crashes everytime i want to add a number. This happens on 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 too. Has anyone this problem, or a suggestion how to fix this?
  4. andrzejfashion

    Eyecon as default dialer - not working

    Hello, Huge request for help: how - effectively! - change the default application for making calls. I have Eyecon set as the default application (as in the screenshot), I click the icon, it's ok, but the system phone is still on. In the case of incoming calls, the system phone application is...
  5. M

    New When in silent mode and receiving a call, the phone vibrates only 1 time

    Xiaomi MI6 with ROM Xiaomi Eu stable As the tile says, whenever I put the phone in silent mode, and I receive a call, the phone vibrates only once.
  6. U

    New default screen in phone / dialer app

    Hi Developers, When opening the phone / dialer app the default screen is the Recents which is fine. The half of the screen is used by the dialpad, so, i cannot see the recent calls in all just the last 3 items. I would like to kindly ask you to make a setting possibility if you wish to see...
  7. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s, Mi5s, 7.2.9, Dialer App Issue With Skype

    Dialer App stops working properly after installing third party phone apps like Skype on my Mi5s running 7.2.9. Steps to reproduce Two symptoms of same bug: 1. In the default Apps section (prefs --> all apps --> prefs), the standard dialer app is not in the list 2. When you dial a number in the...
  8. V

    New Redmi Pro 7.1.5 Rom Bug. Default Dialer Application Can Not Be Changed

    Redmi Pro (omega) xiaomi.eu 7.1.5 ROM. The default dialer can't be changed from Skype to the default app in Settings - Installed apps - Defaults. If I'm select a Contacts and dialer app and pressing back button - nothing is happened. The Skype is still staying as a default dialer app. When...