1. Z

    Xiaomi EC2 Record

    Hi there I just buy 4 Xiaomi EC2 cameras and hub Everything work ok. But I have question about recording. These cameras only record when motion is noticed, and only few seconds, 10-15-20seconds. I wonder is there any way to record 24/7, through mi app. Or on some other way, through some site or...
  2. S

    İmilab ec2 güvenlik kamerası aldım fakat getawayi internete ve cihaza bağlanmıyor

    Merhaba daha 1 gün önce 1 adat imilab ec2 güvenlik kamerası ve bunun getawayini aldım fakat getawayi internete ve cihaza bağlanmıyor
  3. B

    Mi Smart Sensor Set + ImiLab EC2

    Hello. I have a Mi Smart Sensor Set, with a Mi Hub + 2 sensors + 2 door/windows sensors. I purchased a wireless camera ImiLab EC2 with a compatible gateway. It works well, sending notifications and monitoring when there is movement. But i want to know if is there a possibility to integrate this...
  4. FuThe

    Xiaomi IMILAB EC2 camera - motion detection nofitications delayed

    Hi, I have IMILAB EC2 camera installed in my garage and have an issue with push notification about any motion detected by the cam. I'm getting the notification around a minute after the motion was detected. Is there any possibility to make it more accurate? I want to get the notification...
  5. P

    IMILAB EC2 wireless security camera

    Hi Is there an option to monitor only humans? I am monitoring my parking which is on the main street. So, for each car passing in the street, the camera monitors and records it.So, the battery gets low really fast (1 week). If the above feature not available, I would appreciate other ideas...
  6. C

    IMILAB EC2 Monitoring & Human Detection issue

    Hi I have just installed 4x EC2 cameras paired to 1 gateway with 64g microsd card. Using iOS Xiaomi Home app I have 2 issues 1. Monitoring - when i get a notification and checked the 'All Cameras' monitoring page and it showed an empty page (attached screen). The only time i get to see any...
  7. F

    Connect 2 Imilab EC2 cameras on the same gateway

    Hi, i ve recently purchased 2 EC2 outdoor cameras, but one gateway, since you can use 4 differents cams with one gateway. I ve set up the gateway then add a camera all is fine. When i try to add a second camera by clicking the gateway in the xiaomi home app, i open the camera i ve set up and...