1. Xyrcon

    iOS and Samsung emojis

    Here is my collection of emojis, most of them are made by users winb33 and RickyBush_ over at xda-developers. Tested on Miui 9 and Miui 10, android 7 and android 8. Will also work in other roms than miui. Flash Stock_MIUI.zip to restore stock emojis. Installation: 1. Download 2. Flash in...
  2. M

    Questions Regarding Miui 9

    Just updated my 4A to MIUI9 7.9.21 from MIUI8. Some questions.. • Anyone else experiencing Nova launcher's persistent Google search bar opening MIUI search instead of Google? • Are these new emojis from Android O included in the official MIUI ROM or are these part of xiaomi.eu ROM? Just...
  3. S

    Can I Skip Updates? + New Feature Advice

    Hi, It's my first time i have a xiaomi phone. Now I got so far that i installed xiaomi.eu rom on my phone. Now i know there are weekly updates of this rom. Now my question is: Say i skip 3 weeks of weekly updates can i just download the newest release or do i have to update all the releases...