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    New Miui12.5.2 messed up my pokemon go

    Hi, Ever since I updated miui 12.4 (I think) to 12.5.2, I keep getting black screen error in pokemon go. I need to reinstall / wipe all data and restart phone every day to fix this. I once managed to downgrade miui to 12.0. problems were solved but then miui updates again and problems are back...
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    FingerPrint "Try again later" in Mi A3

    Instalé la rom pero el lector de huellas digitales no me funciona. da el mensaje: "inténtalo de nuevo más tarde" volver al stock y todavía no funciona ¿alguna solución?
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    Failed to Install ZIP (Note 9 Pro 5G Gauguin)

    I tried installing a custom multilang rom for my Redmi Notes 9 Pro 5G
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    New AMOLED display fail after MIUI 12 update [MI 9 Lite / MI CC9 ]

    Hi guys, Yesterday I installed MIUI 12.0.3 Global (QFCEUXM) on my MI 9 Lite after a manual search in settings with OTA. The update went well, the display was fine but after half an hour it turns into a purple-green colorless screen. The phone was not dropped or damaged at all, ever. The...
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    Loading into Stock Recovery even after Flashing TWRP in mi 8 pro

    I followed all the steps of how to install the rom, and I have even done the same in 2 previous devices, but in this the twrp is not maintained and when installing the rom the phone is bricked.
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    Ota Not Working + Miui9 Over Updater App?

    Hi there, I installed stable How come since four months there was never any OTA update although in the rom release information they'd even say every friday?! And second question: MIUI 9.1 got released. Any chance I can update my system without wiping my data, ie via the Updater App...
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    Xiaomi Redmi Pro Lockscreen Code Not Working

    Hi, My Xiaomi Redmi Pro is not working, I need to give my passcode on the lockscreen to get in my phone but for some reason it doesn't work even though it is the right code, I tried a few times and not it's locked for 120 minutes... I don't want to lose all my pictures and stuff... is there a...
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    Sp Flash - Cust Image Too Large - Stock Flash Redmi Pro

    Hi Everyone I've bought a Redmi Pro X20 at, shipped to zurich Switzerland. I imediately started trying flashig custom Global Rom to activate german UI. I came from the samsung world and had first to realize that I have to request a bootloader unlock ?! ... well, I tried some...
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    Update Failed. Can't Connect To Pc.

    Hi everyone. It has been a while without updtating my ROM, since 5.7.26. I downloaded 6.5.5 and tried what works a lot times. I didn't write I made sure of that, use My recovery, Wipe cache and Install update. At 99% it showed the message: Install failed! Error...