1. T

    what does flashing via fastboot actually do?

    Hi! If I modify files that are in the root "/" directory, e.g. create new folders, modify chmod, delete files etc., if I flash the stock rom via fastboot, will all partitions and files in the "/" directory be restored? Or will the flash restore only some partitions?
  2. D

    Firmware update for Redmi K20 Pro Premium

    Last firmware update was Stable (apprx one year ago). Hasn't the firmware been updated since then?
  3. H

    Redmi Note 9 Pro

    I received a new Redmi Note 9 Pro on contract from a provider that doesn't do dual sim phones. So the dual sim tray is blanked off for the second sim. However, i have a Redmi Note 9s which uses the exact same sim tray which i can use. The problem is it seems like the provider has disabled dual...
  4. R

    Flashing Firmware DOUBT

    So, Poco M3 Firmware have been updated last March 21st and I've just flashed the Stable firmware poco m3 flashing on my Poco M3 and I'm wondering if flashing the new updated firmware is needed? Is the compatible with this updated Firmware? Does anyone know at all?
  5. dushan135

    Latest rom for mi R1D router

    Does anyone have the latest stable rom for mi R1D router? It seems download Link not working anymore.
  6. P

    Mi Robot Vacuum firmware update error

    Hi, so today our dear vacuum robot decided that he want to update it's firmware to 3.3.9_003452 from 3.3.9_0031070 and wont be usable without updating it, as you can choose only Quit or Update... I tried switching to China server, updating Xiaomi Home app to 5.6.70 (from 5.6.60), reseting wifi...
  7. M

    no more xiaomi mi 9t/ redmi k20 betas?

    the previous beta of the xiaomi mi 9t was late and version 9.8.22 did not even come out for this device. Could it be that we have already forgotten the users of this device or are we preparing for the arrival of Android 10 or Miui 11? does anyone know the answer?
  8. _th0r_

    Missing "cust" partition with the data about regions

    Hi! I've faced a problem after downgrading from miui 10 ( back to stable global (at that time it was 9.5.20). I can't choose a region in the settings - after clicking regions menu corresponding screen tries to appear but immediately goes back. I've found out that it happens because my...
  9. Michalis Stefanakis

    Mi Wifi Router 3 - Dosn't Work 5g And Guest Wifi

    Hello! I have the xiaomi router 3 with firmware 2.10.38 (english version) and doesn't work 5g and guest wifi. I have changed several times the firmware, to be resolved but nothing. What to do?
  10. P

    Wpa2 Vulnerability Krack

    Hello, anyone found a firmware upgrade for any of the Xiaomi routers? I'm looking forR1D, R2D, R3D pro regarding the huge vulnerability found in the WPA2 security. Thanks!
  11. V

    Getting Error Along With Redirection To For Some Sites?

    For example: I tried getting some of the manuals from While most of the links works fine, some of them redirect to & throw an error. Then I've to get the original URL & keep trying by pasting that URL directly again & after 3-5 tries the...
  12. F

    Is There A Multi-langage Rom For Sp-flash Tools ?

    Hello all, After a root attempt that went wrong, I was forced to flash my redmi pro with a spflashtools Chinese rom. My bootloader is closed and I have only the Chinese translation on my phone. It's a hell. Is there a multilanguage rom that is flashable by spflash tools? if you have a link...
  13. Dr.MTR

    Xiaomi Router 3 English Firmware

    Get the english firmware for Router 3 ONLY here ! Version: 2.10.25 Stable Download here: Tested on Router 3 and works without issues !
  14. cosmik

    [solved] Help! Which 2015xxx Redmi Note 3 Model Do You Have?

    Hello all, please help me out here fellas! There is a sticker at the back of your phone, providing info like CMIT ID and the device model. For example, mine sports a 2015617 number, and a TD-LTE alongside. I have unlocked it succesfully and I can flash TWRP on this but I can not boot in TWRP...