1. H

    New Gallery and File manger bug

    I am facing a weird bug that after deleting a file from sd card using native file manager, the file appears again after reboot but if we delete using third party file manager there this bug isn't present ... And about gallery is that it isn't detecting images / videos as after reboot my gallery...
  2. cescvicious

    Mi Gallery Crashing on 12.5 Stable ROM

    Hello guys, i just installed the Stable ROM for my Mi Note 10 non-root, and everything seems to work just fine, except for the fact that my Mi Gallery App won't open, everytime i tap on the icon it just goes black screen for half a second and closes by itself, no crash message tho. So i need...
  3. cvspian

    Invalid Edited photos don't show on Messenger

    When I take a photo with the camera and edit it and I want to sent it on Messenger it doesn't show up. Only the unedited is seen. Is there anyway to fix this? It was okay before. I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with MIUI 12.0.4.