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    New MI PAD 4 - Bug Back up my data - MIUI V10. (stable)

    I have the following error: If I try Settings - Additional settings - Backup & reset - GOOGLE BACKUP & RESET - Back up my data then the following error appears: java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to at...
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    [How To] Restore a Google Backup on rom

    Hi, I'm a big fan of rom but one function was missing, the ability to restore google backup like Xiaomi Global Rom. So after some test I was able to restore an google backup on my phone with rom. Here how to do this: Get three google apps called (GoogleOneTimeInitializer...
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    New [8.10.11/12] No google backup restore in case of full wipe and first startup with signing into account

    Steps to reproduce: 0. MI8 with unlocked bootloader (MI8 6128 in my case) 1. Flash fastboot file with latest global beta from xiaomi (8.10.12 in my case) 2. Start it, check needed info and maybe some tests including signing into accounts, camera, sound (google restore from backup is working) 3...