1. LimaRomeo79

    MiMail - I've received this e-mail from Google

    " Hi, Although you don't need to do anything, we wanted to let you know that the following apps may no longer be able to access some data in your Google Account, including your Gmail content. If these apps are unable to meet the deadline to comply with our updated data policy requirements...
  2. vlachorumsapiens

    Best Google Camera for Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Redmi Note 7 Pro is arguably the best mid-range camera smartphone money can buy. The Sony IMX586 sensor is capable of delivering amazing photos even in the most difficult lighting conditions, and while the stock camera app already does a fine job, why not push the sensor to the very limits to...
  3. A

    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Hi There - I got a MI 8 (Official Global ROM) from AllliExprress Merchant Hong Kong Goldway. Super Smartphone by the way! I have 2 issues with it. I can not use Google Pay or download Netflix from Google Play. Google Pay Issue: I get as far as confirming my Card details, but then it says...
  4. J

    Google Services update/uninstall

    Hi guys, i tried to update gapps through TWRP and it doesn't work. Is there a way to bypass this, cause otherwise i cannot install "GMS Doze" module on Magisk Manager because when i do that, after reboot, i have notification after opening Gmail/Youtube or any other app that needs Google Services...
  5. C

    MIUI 10 Stable and Google

    Does it have or prompt for Restore from Google Backup once booted after flash? Thanks in advance
  6. P

    New Google Mobile Device Management - Error In Company's Owned Devices

    Good morning, I have a problem with Xiaomi devices. When I configuring the Xiaomi device, I go through all the points, I reach the point where I have to enter my e-mail address. I fill the business e-mail address that is managed by Google Mobile Device Management. I agree that the telephone is...
  7. K

    Google Push Notification Delay On Mobile Data [Solved]

    When on mobile data, google push notifications for gmail are constantly delayed. They always arrive, but up to 30 min late. It's not only gmail issue, but also any other email client that relies on google push service. This only hapens on miui roms, on 2 different phones. I'm on
  8. J

    How To Install Google Camera On A Weekly Rom

    How to install google camera on a weekly firmware 9.6 from 8.3.8? After installation, I have an error, portrait mode does not work On the global I installed this instruction: and I had everything working on my phone sorry for google translator
  9. mateHD

    Ok Google - While Screen Is Locked

    Hi I use google assistant ("ok google" voice recognition) for controll my lamps, termostat etc, it is working only while my phone is "opened". I would like to enable Smart Lock's trusted voices, but i can't find in Settings app. I enabled the smartlock and i got some notifications about trusted...
  10. L

    New Mi5s Android Assistant Unlock Bug On Miui 9

    Hi, I seem to be experiencing a very annoying bug. Whenever I unlock my screen using the fingerprint scanner, Google assistant comes up in the background. This is frustrating because the fingerprint sensor in the Mi5s already have issues, and Google assistant stops any music playing. I am...
  11. _Sal_

    Differences With The Global Roms

    I have an Mi4c with the MIUI 8.6 7.6.22 ROM and today i just turned on a RedMi 4x with the Global MIUI V8.2.10.0 ROM and i was really surprised on how good google apps are integrated. Let me list some differences. Google Now RedMi4x - is already active on long press of home...
  12. D

    New Bug With Google´s Keyboard

    When i write dragging over google's keyboard, the line that appears start to blink
  13. J

    Google Now & Ok Google Dont Work Fine.

    I tried to use OK Google with my phone and it doesn't work I set it as my default assistant in: installed apps>default>assistant. But this works for a while, because the assistant option resets its value alone. Also Google says it can't do something when the phone is locked , meanwhile it is...
  14. Infested79517

    Mi4 Wcdma Google Chrome Crash

    Good day! Xiaomi Mi4 WCDMA 16Gb Firmware: Stable (MXDCNDL) by I have this issue for a long time (more than half-year). Google Chrome crashes periodically without any error or report. It just drops to desktop (as if I press home button) and I need to start it again and load the...
  15. M

    New Bugs Weekly 7.1.5 Mi5s

    Facebook notifications, Snapchat, Instagram, etc .. still do not work (If you press does not open anything) .. There remains the problem of the block when using the quick Google search..
  16. I

    Mi4 Lte Miui 8.2 6.12.15 - Slow Google Apps

    I upgraded my Mi4 to marshmallow, I'm liking the ROM very much. The only thing I see as a down side is a 5-6 seconds delay when opening google apps like play store, chrome, Inbox. For example: I open play store, I see the loading circle working for 5-6 seconds, then the store appears without...
  17. _Sal_

    Google Apps

    I just got my new Mi4c from ********** and i have just installed: twrp-3.0.2-0-libra xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4c_6.10.20_v8-5.1 SuperSU Then, using the installed play store app, I started to installed google apps like Allo, Duo, Messenger, Hangouts, GMail, Photos, etc All of these apps, do not notify...
  18. Durgue

    New Gps Navigation Not Smooth (intermmitent/jumping) Since Upgraded Miui8

    Hi there, I am quite desperate with the GPS navigation of my Xiaomi Mi Note Pro since I upgraded to MIUI8. Before that, everything was fine. Since upgraded to MIUI 8, when I am driving the GPS navigation (, and Google Maps) apps don´t run smoothly and my phone navigates in jumps...