1. brunoriggs

    My GPS stopped working

    I don't know when it happened exactly, probably after some update. My GPS just doesn't work well on Waze, Strava, Google Maps and others. I already formatted the cell phone; I have already returned to the factory settings; I already installed APPS like Fix GPS, GPS Reset, etc. I don't know...
  2. D

    Dead GPS

    Hello, I came through many versions or EU rom since I got my Mi 5x. Firstly GPS didn't work at all, but finally I fixed it to certain point. Then another rom update came and gps got broken again. With the next one - it worked, better or worse. Now I have 11.03 and GPS is literally dead. I was...
  3. O

    New GPS turns on automatically [MI9]

    When i turn on battery saver mode, gps turns on automatically. I turn off and after a few minutes its turn on back. [Xiaomi.Eu ROM 20.8.20 - Xiaomi Mi 9]
  4. L

    Note 9 Pro GPS issue

    Hello everyone, I have bought brand new Note 9 Pro (MIUI Global 11.0.1 Stable / Android 10 QKQ1.191215.002). I am quite satisfied with my new phone BUT there is a gamebreaking catch. I have no GPS fix or GPS is located after enormous time (about 10 minutes or more). I tried if its some kind of...
  5. Cr0wTom

    No Location at all

    Hello guys, I saw that there is a problem with location history but that is not the case, I cannot have any location at all. I even made a clean install but no luck. I tried changing some settings, and installed MIUI 11 stable yestarday but even that didn not fix the issue. Is there someone...
  6. P

    Redmi Note 6 pro GPS issue

    Hi everyone, I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro in February, the phone runs under MIUI 10.3.4. It's been 3 months now that I have an issue with my GPS. The GPS works perfectly on WIFI, but when I use the mobile data the GPS doesn't work at all. I tried some apps to fix the GPS, to put the GPS...
  7. safin.ahmed17

    New 2 bugs spotted in MIUI EU [STABLE] 10.3.17 for K20 Pro

    1. GPS 2. Profile video for outgoing calls Description: 1. GPS can only be set to "Device only" If I select "battery saving" gps automatically turns off and "High accuracy" is unable to select 2. Can't select profile video for outgoing calls under sounds & vibration section. Its set to "no...
  8. T

    New Mi Mix 3 Gps background 10.5 9.8.9

    Hello, On my Mi Mix 3, when I put it in standby, the service that runs the gps works, but the gps is disabled, despite "no restriction" and authorization to run in the background for the application. Miui.Eu Version: 10.5
  9. G

    New Strava problems with Mi8 Lite

    Hi everyone, I'm having some problems with Strava on my new Mi8 Lite. It's not giving accurate results. Can anyone offer any advice on how to fix?
  10. K

    New GPS problem xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4s_V10.1.1.0.NAJCNFI_v10-7.0

    Hi, I updated my Xiaomi Mi 4s a few day ago to this version (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4s_V10.1.1.0.NAJCNFI_v10-7.0). When I was trying to use the GPS I noticed it did not work properly. In my last version it worked perfectly. My phone takes around 20 - 40 minutes to find the signals from the...
  11. J

    New GPS doens't turn off

    I installed 8.10.18 (MIUI 10) on my Redmi Note 4 Nikel. My settings do not allow applications to use GPS, but in the battery report it appears that the GPS is in use all the time
  12. S

    GPS is not accurate

    Hello. Many reviews and videos show the GPS is not as accurate as supposed. Instead of getting the alleged 30cm accuracy it has an accuracy worse than 15m. I understand this value sometimes can be better sometimes worse, but some tests show that the accuracy is even lower than in most other...
  13. Arguuo

    Invalid The "using Gps" Notification Is Boring

    This is a feature I guess, but the notification which say "This app use GPS location" should can be disabled. It's boring because of the app icon in the status bar which looks like a new notification, and when we pull down the notification center we just see "Searching GPS... - Snapchat" or...
  14. ianhughes74

    [Magisk Module] Step By Step Definitive Gps Solution (global)

    *This module also works for any another device with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset based, so feel free to test it on another device that have Magisk and recommend for your friends that want a better GPS experience and functionality. The original gps.conf file present in any version of MIUI is very...
  15. Harikesh

    New Gps Not Turning Off

    After turning on the GPS it is not turning off even after turning off it in the settings. It is only being turned off when the device is restarted.
  16. Multed

    Question: Problem "searching For Gps" In Snapchat

    Hi! My brother has a problem where he's repeatedly abrupted by "Searching for GPS" message while in the Snapchat app. Some smart fellow here should know how to fix it? :) Phone is Mi5, MIUI 9 latest weekly eu build. Magisk installed for root. Thanks in advance! /Marcus
  17. G

    "find Device" Feature Is Inaccurate

    I'm trying the find device feature for the first time and every time I try it (over a time spawn of one day and a half and one single location), it locates my device as being in a place around 900 meters from me. Location mode is set to high accuracy. How is it that I can get an accuracy which...
  18. József

    Gps On Global Rom

    Hey everyone, I am happy to be a xiaomi mi 6 owner after 3 years of iPhone. I just bought my device, and there is a problem with GPS and antutu bencmark scores. First, GPS claims that I am 100 meter farther that where I am everytime everywhere, second, the UI seems to be a tiny-biny choppy, not...
  19. QMatteoQ Rom On Mi5 And Gps

    Hello, I have a Mi5 and, if I really like the device from a hardware and user interface point of view, I'm really disappointed on how Xiaomi is treating it, since the official latest Global Stable ROM ( which introduced Android 7, brought tons of problems and the most severe for me is...
  20. Rob69

    Good Xiaomi Phone With *no* Gps Issues?

    Hello, does anyone know for sure which of the later Xiaomi smartphones have no GPS issues? I'm really very frustrated with the Mi5 - GPS jumps around like crazy or plays dead on me. I've tried with all ROMs, LineageOS, various Android or Miui settings - nothing helps. The only conclusion that...